Direct Mail Advertising for Auto Repair Shops & Mechanics

Direct Mail Advertising for Mechanics & Auto Repair Shops is cost-effective advertising for residents close to your business location.

Servicing your clients once they are in your shop is often easier than enticing them to visit in the first place. You need to promote your shop by using proven, effective methods so that when people in your area need auto repair services, they think of you first. Auto repair direct mail postcards are a cost-efficient method to attract business and promote your shop’s brand.

How to Use Auto Repair Direct Mail Most Effectively

Decide on your target market, and identify the reason you are printing your auto repair direct mail cards. If you are trying to increase your car count, you may offer a promotion or a discounted oil change.  Announcing a new service, or offering a dollar off coupon can serve to build your ticket average. Use an easy-to-read print to express your brief message, and always incorporate a strong call to action statement so your auto repair direct mail campaign has a powerful impact that delivers the results you want.

Postcard Mailing Versus Email Advertising

Auto repair postcard mailing provides your existing and potential clients with a tangible card that they can keep with your contact information. Recipients frequently delete email advertising before it is read, and your target market is unlikely to print or keep the information an email contains. Furthermore, auto repair services are not impulse purchases; customers seek out automobile repairs when their cars are not working. An email advertisement is likely to be long gone by the time your customers need your services. In contrast, an eye-catching design on a postcard mailing can entice customers to read it, and save it.  Save the email marketing for communicating with existing and past customers.  For new customer acquisition, postcard advertising is the way to go.

Auto Repair Marketing Postcards Versus Television or Radio Marketing

Radio and television advertising have several disadvantages compared to direct mail. First, auto repair direct marketing postcards are less expensive than either of these alternatives. You also have the ability to send your mailers to your precisely targeted market. Radio and television expose your advertisement to a variety of people who may live on the other side of town.  This isn’t even your target audience, so why pay to advertise to them?  The success of your auto repair marketing is determined by how well you expose your advertisements to clients who not only need your services, but for whom you represent a logical, convenient place for auto repair service. Postcard marketing can also be tracked more accurately than radio and television.  Ask your postcard mailing provider for a call-tracking phone number so that all calls can be tracked.

“Solo” Versus “Shared Mail”

When you understand the lifetime value of a new customer, you will likely agree that investing a little more money to create a well-designed oversize postcard is well worth it when compared to a small ad that shares “space” with many other ads. Furthermore, ask yourself who is really your target market? The best customers are those who visit our shops because they feel value that they don’t normally feel, as opposed to those “coupon shoppers” who might visit once to take advantage of a cheap oil change, but would just as quickly take their car elsewhere the next time someone else offered a better coupon.  Finding the right target audience of high to middle income households closest to your shop is the key to success with direct mail.  It really boils down to simple math.  If you spend $500 and attract 10 customers who are looking for the cheapest oil change, you will be lucky to recoup your investment.  If you spend $1500, but get the opportunity to develop a relationship and earn the business of 25 “non-coupon shoppers”, you will see a tremendous return on your investment.

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