Direct Mail Jumpstarts the Summer Busy Season

Does your business have a summer busy season?  Many industries such as landscaping and automotive repair see surges in sales during the summer season.  These businesses cannot afford to have a slow start to there busy season because it is this time of the year that carries them through the slow season.

Marketing when people need your services the most always produces the best response.  Putting together a targeted direct mail campaign to get in front of those desirable customers before they need your service is KEY.   You want your best potential customers thinking about you when they need your service this summer not your competitors.

Some strategies that produce great results are focusing on Seasonal offers ( summer travel specials, 1st month free, dollar off coupons ).  Identify your best potential customer, create an eye catching ad, use compelling offers to spark interest, and make sure you are ready to greet your new customers with a smile.

For more ideas you can always reach one out to one of our strategic marketing partners for more information.  We will be glad to help you develope a direct mail campaign that produces results this summer!

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