Direct Mail Advertising QR Code Holiday Promotion Through USPS

USPS Postal Mail PackagesThere is an offer from the USPS for a Direct Mail Advertising Campaign with QR Codes just in time for the Black Friday Frenzy. The subdomain in the links for the USPS is the USPS Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS). The promotion launched on November 7th, but we have until November 21st to capitalize on our direct mail campaigns. Here are links from the USPS covering the promotion.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and innovations in the market inevitably take place. In the arena of mobile a rapid pace keeps marketers moving forward. Direct Mail Advertising with QR Codes is an idea that is emerging as an exciting new method for extended consumer interaction.

Can’t think of any ideas on how QR Codes could enhance Direct mail advertising? Courtesy of Sourcelink, here are 5 QR Direct Mail Advertising ideas for you.

Example from Lexus

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