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Your Best Potential Customers ( Mailing List )

The majority of automotive repair customers come from the area closest to your shop.  If you are in a densely populated area, approximately 85% of your customer base is coming from within 3-5 miles of your location.  In more rural areas, that radius might extend out as far as 8-10 miles.  If you have a specialty shop, perhaps a European or German Import shop for example, your customers will drive further to see you.

For General Auto Repair:

We begin by generating a market analysis of your unique location. This report shows the USPS carrier routes starting with the routes closest to your shop and moving out.  Think about a zip code as a pie and a carrier route as a piece of that pie.  At the carrier route level we are able to provide you with great demographic information such as median income, home value, and age.

From this analysis we can identify the best middle to high income households for automotive direct mail around your shop.  This becomes your targeted market.

For Specialty Shops:

Your market analysis includes a report that we provide to tell you how many people near you are driving a certain type, or types, of vehicle.


A winning ad that produces profitable car count

We want to highlight the features and benefits of your shop that will stand out to the consumer. This could be your warranty information, your store hours, if you are locally owned and operated, how long you have been serving your community, waiting room, wi-fi, customer shuttle, or clean restrooms.  Anything that will make you stand out from your competition.

Basic principles we should all understand when creating our offer…

  • 80% of all first time visitors come to your shop for preventative maintenance work. This is where you can establish rapport and even get some great Repair Orders through a preventative maintenance inspection while you are doing an Oil Change, Tire Plug, Flush, State Inspection or even Emissions.
  • The majority of your money is made on repeat visits.
  • The average consumer knows little about their vehicle.  They understand that when the odometer shows a number higher than the number on the window sticker, they need an oil change!  Outside of that, something has to be dripping, dragging, making noise, or the car just won’t start.
  • We are in the bad news business.  People do not budget time or money for auto repair.

What Offers should I use?

We want to cater to what people know and need.  We also need to create an ad that can produce profitable car count. We know everyone needs an oil change once every 3-4 months on average.  People like dollar off coupons, and seasonal specials. By addressing these items we develop an ad that has appealing offers for new customers and also offers that act as ticket builders.

Get in front of your best potential customers

Once your automotive direct mail list is selected and your design is in place we can schedule your mailing dates.

How often should I mail?

We do not have contracts, prefering to earn your business every time you mail, but as with any marketing, Consistency is Key.  The response & return on investment get better with every impression as your best potential customers become more familiar with who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. To experience the full benefits of direct mail, touching the same households once every 30 days is very important.  The person receiving your automotive direct mail may not need your services today, but they will certainly need them soon.  You need to be more visible than your competitors so that when these potential customers are ready to act, they remember who you are, what you do, and where they can find you.

The impact of consistent direct mail on your business that happens over time is priceless, and your response rates will increase every month you mail.

All Inclusive pricing & Free tools for your Mailings

Tracking phone number
If desired, at no additional charge we will provide a call tracking number for you.  The number will have the same area code as your current number and forward to your place of business.  All the calls are tracked and recorded.  This provides you with a great way to measure response, but it is also a powerful mechanism for coaching and training phone skills for your front counter employees.

Monthly reporting
Monthly reporting involves cross referencing your customer database to that of the list we have provided.  This allows us to calculate the number of people who came in your business with or without the coupon, giving you a true measure of response.  By doing the cross referencing we can calculate the number of new vs. returning customers and how much they spent to give an accurate measure of ROI.

Design Samples

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