Whether you are a new church plant or have been a part of your community for years, your goal is to reach new people and share a message with which they can relate.  Church Direct Mail Marketing works with churches of all sizes to create the perfect program for your outreach goals.



Your Best Potential Customers (Postcard Mailing List)

Like most of our church clients, you probably want to focus on the area closest to your campus. This works very well with our standard residential mailing lists, which have a guaranteed deliverability rate of at least 98%. We recommend targeting this residential radius even further in order to reach your neighbors that are most likely to visit your church.


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When it comes to design, your church direct mail postcard should be welcoming and friendly. You might want to include images of your building, a special service, your pastor or worship leader, or even your congregation. If those images are not readily available, we can supply you with stock photography that will offer the same impact. A map is certainly helpful as well.


Get in front of your best potential customers

How often should I mail ?

We do not have contracts, prefering to earn your businesses every time you mail.  However, with any marketing, Consistency is Key.  The response gets better with every impression as your neighbors become more familiar with who you are, what you do, and how they might fit in at your church.  To experience the full benefits of direct mail, we recommend a scheduled mailing program that is determined in large part by your budget and your church calendar.  The person receiving your postcard may not be ready to visit you today.  You just want them to remember you when they are ready.  When that time comes, you want them to think of you, and visit.

Seasonal and event based mailings are very effective times to reach out to your neighbors.  Also, a special sermon series, youth activities, or community happenings are other excellent opportunities for communicating with prospective congregants and staying in touch.  One program that has been effective is a quarterly postcard outlining the schedule and events for the following quarter, beginning with an open house.  This way, you are reaching out to your neighbors four times a year in addition to any seasonal mailings.

Design Samples

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