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Your Best Potential Customers.

Unlike some other industries, customers are willing to driver farther to see a trusted dentists they feel comfortable with. For this reason, we don’t mind pushing the postcard mailing limit a little outside the typical market area. Often, a dentist can utilize dental direct mail advertising to households within a 5-10 mile radius of their practice with great success.

Your dental direct mail mailing list is further targeted by criteria designed around your practice.  We recommend honing in on customers with average incomes high enough to indicate they can afford your services.  And if you have a particular specialty, such as pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, or prosthodontics your mailing list will be fine-tuned even further to target age appropriate prospects.  Your Marketing Consultant will help you decide which type of list is best for your practice.


A winning ad that makes your future customers feel welcome.

No matter how we target your mailing, the design of your postcard is critical.  We will create a postcard that conveys your competence and professionalism in a friendly and welcoming manner.  We also suggest an approach that promotes dental health as an important element to an overall healthy lifestyle.


Get in front of your best potential customers

Once your mailing list is selected and your design is in place we can schedule your dental direct mail delivery dates.

How often should I mail?

We do not have contracts, preferring to earn your business every time you mail.  However, like any marketing, Consistency is Key.  The response & return on investment gets better with every impression as your best potential customers become more familiar with who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.  To experience the full benefits of dental direct mail, touching the same households once every 30 days is highly recommended.  The person receiving your postcard may not need your services today but will certainly need them soon.  You need to be more visible than your competitors so that when these potential customers are ready to act, they remember who you are, what you do, and where they can find you.

The impact of consistent dental direct mail on your business that happens over time is priceless, and your response rates will increase every month you mail.

Packages & More.

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Tracking phone number
If desired, at no additional charge we will provide a call tracking number for you.  The number will have the same area code as your current number and come in just like any other call.  All the calls are tracked and recorded.  This provides you with not only a great way to measure response, but a powerful mechanism for coaching and training phone skills for your organization.

Monthly reporting
Monthly reporting involves cross referencing your customer database to that of the mailing list. This allows us to calculate the number of people who schedule appointments for the first time, whether they mention the postcard you mailed them or not.  When mailing middle to high income households not everyone will reference your postcard, but they are drawn in from your well spent marketing dollars.  By doing the cross referencing we can calculate the number of new vs. returning patients and how much they spent to give an accurate measure of ROI.

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