Landscaping Postcards receive a lot of success through our direct mail campaigns. Whether you specialize in landscaping, installation, lawn maintenance, chemical treatments, or all of the above, Postcard Mailing has the expertise to help you grow your business!

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Your Best Potential Customers (Mailing List)

One advantage from our landscaping direct mail marketing is that you don’t have to depend on customers coming to your store or place of business.  Your Market Potential is virtually unlimited and you can focus more on demographics like income and home value rather than geography. We recommend landscaping postcards with targeted mailing lists which strategically locate the high-value households in areas where you already have a customer base. Build off the branding your trucks create when they are seen at the homes of your current customers.


A winning ad that produces measurable results

Graphically, your landscaping postcard should have stunning appeal. Green grass, healthy flowers, and children enjoying outdoor play on a lawn are all fantastic images to show. We also like to include a picture of the owner/operator, if applicable.


Get in front of your best potential customers

Once your mailing list is selected and your design is in place we can schedule your mailing dates and send out your landscaping postcards.

How often should I mail ?

We do not have contracts so we take everything month to month but with any marketing Consistency is Key. The response & return on investment gets better with every impression and your best potential customers become more familiar with who you are , what you do, and how you can help them. To experience the full benefits of landscaping direct mail, touching the same households once every 30 days is very important. The person receiving your landscaping postcard may not need your services today but will certainly need them soon. You need to be more visible than your competitors so that when these potential customers are ready to act, they remember you are, what you do, and where they can find you.

The impact of consistent direct mail on your business that happens over time is priceless, and your response rates will increase every month you mail.

Packages & More.

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Tracking phone number
At no additional charge we will provide a call tracking number for you. The number will have the same area code as your current number and forward to your place of business. All the calls are tracked and recorded.  This provides you with a great way to measure response, but it is a powerful mechanism for coaching and training phone skills for your organization.

Monthly reporting
Monthly reporting involves cross referencing your customer database to that of the mailing list. This allows us to calculate the number of people who came in your business with or without the coupon. When mailing middle to high income households not everyone brings in the coupons but are drawn in from your well spent marketing dollars.  By doing the cross referencing we can calculate the number of new vs. returning customers and how much they spent to give an accurate measure of ROI.

Design Samples

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