Direct Mail Advertising QR Code Holiday Promotion Through USPS

USPS Postal Mail PackagesThere is an offer from the USPS for a Direct Mail Advertising Campaign with QR Codes just in time for the Black Friday Frenzy. The subdomain in the links for the USPS is the USPS Rapid Information Bulletin Board System (RIBBS). The promotion launched on November 7th, but we have until November 21st to capitalize on our direct mail campaigns. Here are links from the USPS covering the promotion.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and innovations in the market inevitably take place. In the arena of mobile a rapid pace keeps marketers moving forward. Direct Mail Advertising with QR Codes is an idea that is emerging as an exciting new method for extended consumer interaction.

Can’t think of any ideas on how QR Codes could enhance Direct mail advertising? Courtesy of Sourcelink, here are 5 QR Direct Mail Advertising ideas for you.

Example from Lexus

Direct Mail Campaigns for Dentists & Insurance Companies

Direct Mail Campaigns are commonly employed by Dentists and Insurance Companies looking to establish their brand in a targeted neighborhood that is typically close to the business location. Dentists recruit most patients within a 10 mile radius of their offices, and the dentists with the best brand recognition will have distinct advantage over their competitors. If you’re an insurance company, timing can be the critical factor. After a heavy storm that causes damage, sending out postcards reminding home owners of their options can be a prudent marketing decision.

See some examples of the work we have already done for professionals in these industries. If you’re interested in starting a direct mail campaign, call 1-855-369-MAIL.

Direct Mail Advertising for Auto Repair Shops & Mechanics

Direct Mail Advertising for Mechanics & Auto Repair Shops is cost-effective advertising for residents close to your business location.

Servicing your clients once they are in your shop is often easier than enticing them to visit in the first place. You need to promote your shop by using proven, effective methods so that when people in your area need auto repair services, they think of you first. Auto repair direct mail postcards are a cost-efficient method to attract business and promote your shop’s brand.

How to Use Auto Repair Direct Mail Most Effectively

Decide on your target market, and identify the reason you are printing your auto repair direct mail cards. If you are trying to increase your car count, you may offer a promotion or a discounted oil change.  Announcing a new service, or offering a dollar off coupon can serve to build your ticket average. Use an easy-to-read print to express your brief message, and always incorporate a strong call to action statement so your auto repair direct mail campaign has a powerful impact that delivers the results you want.

Postcard Mailing Versus Email Advertising

Auto repair postcard mailing provides your existing and potential clients with a tangible card that they can keep with your contact information. Recipients frequently delete email advertising before it is read, and your target market is unlikely to print or keep the information an email contains. Furthermore, auto repair services are not impulse purchases; customers seek out automobile repairs when their cars are not working. An email advertisement is likely to be long gone by the time your customers need your services. In contrast, an eye-catching design on a postcard mailing can entice customers to read it, and save it.  Save the email marketing for communicating with existing and past customers.  For new customer acquisition, postcard advertising is the way to go.

Auto Repair Marketing Postcards Versus Television or Radio Marketing

Radio and television advertising have several disadvantages compared to direct mail. First, auto repair direct marketing postcards are less expensive than either of these alternatives. You also have the ability to send your mailers to your precisely targeted market. Radio and television expose your advertisement to a variety of people who may live on the other side of town.  This isn’t even your target audience, so why pay to advertise to them?  The success of your auto repair marketing is determined by how well you expose your advertisements to clients who not only need your services, but for whom you represent a logical, convenient place for auto repair service. Postcard marketing can also be tracked more accurately than radio and television.  Ask your postcard mailing provider for a call-tracking phone number so that all calls can be tracked.

“Solo” Versus “Shared Mail”

When you understand the lifetime value of a new customer, you will likely agree that investing a little more money to create a well-designed oversize postcard is well worth it when compared to a small ad that shares “space” with many other ads. Furthermore, ask yourself who is really your target market? The best customers are those who visit our shops because they feel value that they don’t normally feel, as opposed to those “coupon shoppers” who might visit once to take advantage of a cheap oil change, but would just as quickly take their car elsewhere the next time someone else offered a better coupon.  Finding the right target audience of high to middle income households closest to your shop is the key to success with direct mail.  It really boils down to simple math.  If you spend $500 and attract 10 customers who are looking for the cheapest oil change, you will be lucky to recoup your investment.  If you spend $1500, but get the opportunity to develop a relationship and earn the business of 25 “non-coupon shoppers”, you will see a tremendous return on your investment.

Postcard Mailing – Direct Mail Company Video Profile

Postcard Mailing delivers marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses through direct mail marketing. Learn more about our company with this introductory video.

Advertising Through Direct Mail

Postcard Advertising in a Respectful Manner

Postcard Mailing Squidoo Page and LogoConsumers are bombarded every day with thousands of advertising messages. Billboards, radio and tv commercials, emails, phone calls, pop-up ads, banner ads, and yes, direct mail. Literally, everywhere you turn somebody is trying to sell you something! Its constant, never-ending, and can become overwhelming. As a consumer, it gets old and frustrating, and turns into “noise” that we have, consciously or unconsciously, trained ourselves to tune out.
Read the rest of this article at our postcard direct mail Squidoo page

Postcards in Unique Underwater Post Office

postcard underwater post officeHideaway Island, nestled between Australia and Fiji, is an exotic location containing the world’s only underwater post office. Specializing in underwater postcards, the underwater post office receives visitors from around the world willing to don the necessary diving gear in order to see it with their own eyes. Luckily we can bring you pictures thanks to the internet, but if you’re ever in that area, then it could definitely be a cool place to pick up some postcards.

Close to the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary, this one of a kind underwater post office first opened back in May of 2003. Lying 50 meters offshore and at a depth of 3 meters, it is somewhat accessible for most people. Special underwater postcards are offered here and trained scuba divers collect the cards. Manned for about 1 hour a day, this post office has received an estimated 100,000 visitors so far. For more information on Hideaway Island and the Underwater Post Office, visit their website at

Postcard Advertising: The Most Bang for your Direct Mail Buck

Online marketing and email marketing may be popular, but direct mail marketing continues to be a highly effective way to reach out to new and prospective clients. Before embarking on such a campaign, you should give serious thought to postcard advertising. Postcard Marketing has many significant advantages when compared to traditional direct mail or even internet based marketing techniques. A postcard mailing campaign can be particularly effective for small and medium-size businesses that want to target a specific audience in their local area. Here are some of the reasons why postcards offer the best bang for your direct mail buck.

It’s Cost Effective

Postcard Advertising is cost effectiveYou’d be hard-pressed to find a business on the planet that doesn’t want to cut costs. To slash the expense of reaching out through the mail to customers, you should give postcards a try. The cost per piece is significantly lower than the cost of sending standard letters in envelopes. You may be able to take advantage of postal discounts to save even more money. It’s an affordable way to market to people in your local area, and it may even allow you to engage prospective customers more frequently, thus increasing brand awareness for your business.

Your Message is Delivered

Let’s face it: Many people don’t even bother to open mail when it’s obviously some sort of advertisement. In many cases, direct mail pieces never make it out of the envelopes into which they are stuffed. People typically take such mail out of the mail box and recycle or throw it away without even taking a peek.  They turn the channel when television or radio commercials begin.  They delete your emails without a second look. Postcards are different. Your message will be seen as soon as a person grabs the mail.  Every targetted household will see your message. They can’t help but notice your postcard. A well designed postcard is guaranteed to make an impression.

It Produces a Better ROI

Postcard advertising ROIIf you’re concerned about getting a great return on your investment, and really, who isn’t, postcard mailing is right up your alley. You spend less and get a lot more. A consistent direct mail campaign using well designed, quality printed postcards, delivered to your best potential customers, is a tremendously effective way to grow your business and increase revenue.

If you’re ready to breathe new life into your marketing efforts, get started with postcard advertising today.

Direct Mail Jumpstarts the Summer Busy Season

Does your business have a summer busy season?  Many industries such as landscaping and automotive repair see surges in sales during the summer season.  These businesses cannot afford to have a slow start to there busy season because it is this time of the year that carries them through the slow season.

Marketing when people need your services the most always produces the best response.  Putting together a targeted direct mail campaign to get in front of those desirable customers before they need your service is KEY.   You want your best potential customers thinking about you when they need your service this summer not your competitors.

Some strategies that produce great results are focusing on Seasonal offers ( summer travel specials, 1st month free, dollar off coupons ).  Identify your best potential customer, create an eye catching ad, use compelling offers to spark interest, and make sure you are ready to greet your new customers with a smile.

For more ideas you can always reach one out to one of our strategic marketing partners for more information.  We will be glad to help you develope a direct mail campaign that produces results this summer!

The Scoop on Summer Postage Discounts

qr code

Many of you remember or may have participated in the 2011 QR Code discounts the USPS issued to generate awareness on how Mobile technology can be integrated with direct mail. The QR code makes “mail marketing” more relevant and exciting in today’s marketing environment.

QR Codes have a variety of uses and benefits that can be incorporated into an advertisers print marketing to fill the gap between offline and online media.  They can be used to encourage community building in social channels like Facebook, calls to action by linking to information like a website or “how-to” video. One of the most appealing advantages is the ability to track marketing efforts based on clicks and leads.

In 2012 the USPS is striving to create continued awareness for more innovative uses of barcodes and wants mailers to adopt best practices associated with these new technologies by extending discounts in 2012.

The President of the US Postal Service, Paul Vogel, said the post office wants to encourage the increase in volume for advertising mail.  Vogel said the 2011 summer promotion didn’t produce the returns he had hoped for because of hurdles involved for entities qualifying into the program, which they hope to resolve in 2012.

“In 2012, instead of offering a sale with a rebate or refund, now we’re saying, ‘let’s just give the discount upfront and not worry about the administration.”

Detailed information for the 2012 program can be viewed here at the USPS website

Cameo Advertising Launches Postcard Mailing Division

Postcard Mailing Direct mail company logoPostcard Mailing of Cameo Advertising, has launched a new website to handle the direct mail services for their advertising division.

Cameo Advertising, a trusted name in advertising since 1953, recently launched Postcard Mailing, which will offer a turn-key program of postcard graphic design, postcard printing, mailing list selection and procurement, labeling, postage and postal entry using a tiered all-inclusive pricing model.

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