Postcards Printing and Mailing FAQ

What is my Commerce Circle?
Your Commerce Circle is a term Postcard Mailing uses to define and target the area around your place of business where 80% of your current customers reside. We analyze the geographic & demographic information of this area in order to identify your Market Potential, and to target the very best potential customers for your business. For many, this area falls within a 2-10 mile radius from your office, shop, store, or restaurant. For others, though, it can be much larger – covering entire cities or counties.  For this reason, our consultative approach and desire to see your campaign be successful is what sets us apart.  We consider this detailed consultation to be the first step in selecting the right mailing list for you.
What is my Market Potential?
Your Market Potential is the total number of qualified potential customers within your Commerce Circle.
Are you saying that I have to mail EVERYONE within my Commerce Circle?
Absolutely Not! You select who you want to mail, and how often. Your Postcard printing and mailing consultant will walk you through the process, and help identify the VERY BEST targets for your mailing, but make no mistake, the decision is yours!  Whatever you decide, rest assured that PostcardMailing has a package that will work for you!t

How will my postcards be printed?
Your postcards will be printed in beautiful, full color on both sides of a heavy weight, glossy paper stock. We utilize traditional offset printing presses, which allow us to provide you with the highest quality postcards in the industry.
What if I want to supply my own design?
If you have a graphic designer on staff or have a relationship with another designer and would like to supply your own artwork, that is fine! Our Packages include graphic design, but we are happy to offer a discount if you provide your own. Call one of our Marketing Consultants today at 855-379-MAIL (6245) to discuss special pricing and artwork specifications.

What if I want to supply my own mailing list?
Perhaps you already have a mailing list put together; we can definitely use that if you prefer. We will even remove duplicates and process your list through the United States Postal Service CASS and National Change of Address systems at no additional cost. Remember that our Market Analysis is always free and may provide an opportunity to expand your current mailing list to reach even more potential customers.
What if I want to mail my postcards myself?
If you have a situation where you need to mail your postcards yourself (for example, if you have pre-printed mailing labels to use instead of an electronic database), we can certainly accommodate. Your postcards will be shipped via UPS or FedEx directly to your location for you to mail from there. Call a Marketing Consultant today at 855-379-MAIL (6245) for special pricing.
How and when do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders, or wire transfers. Because postage makes up such a large percentage of our cost, and because we incur these costs on the day we mail, we are not able to provide net terms for your project. Full payment is due prior to your postcards going into production. If we are executing a multi-drop campaign that will be spread out over time, we can work with you on a payment plan to help you stay within your budget.
What sort of response can I expect?
This is the million-dollar question! While we would love to guarantee a certain response rate, responses are dictated by numerous aspects of a postcard mailing program working together: your list, the design, the offers you are willing to make, your industry, your competition, market conditions in your area, etc. What we can guarantee is that with a consistent postcard mailing plan, your responses will continue to grow over time. We will work with you to measure your responses, and more importantly, your return on investment, in order to make adjustments as needed to achieve results.

For more answers about postcards printing and mailing please call 1-855-369-MAIL.