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Postcards in Unique Underwater Post Office

postcard underwater post officeHideaway Island, nestled between Australia and Fiji, is an exotic location containing the world’s only underwater post office. Specializing in underwater postcards, the underwater post office receives visitors from around the world willing to don the necessary diving gear in order to see it with their own eyes. Luckily we can bring you pictures thanks to the internet, but if you’re ever in that area, then it could definitely be a cool place to pick up some postcards.

Close to the Hideaway Island marine sanctuary, this one of a kind underwater post office first opened back in May of 2003. Lying 50 meters offshore and at a depth of 3 meters, it is somewhat accessible for most people. Special underwater postcards are offered here and trained scuba divers collect the cards. Manned for about 1 hour a day, this post office has received an estimated 100,000 visitors so far. For more information on Hideaway Island and the Underwater Post Office, visit their website at